Client Portal

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Bluewater's Client Portal

Our Client Portal is a place where members and casual guests can manage their bookings and accounts online from the comfort of your own home!

From the Client Portal, Members and Guests can:

  • Sign up to Memberships
  • Edit Personal Information
  • Book in for Group Fitness classes
  • Make Payments on Memberships
  • See Bookings for Classes and Swim School
  • See your Membership Contract Type information

Bluewater's Client Portal can be accessed via

Please email the centre if you have any enquires:

Are you a Member or a Visitor? Select the Heading that applies to you. 


Member's Access to Client Portal 

From the Main Screen, (pictured below), both past and current Members can log in using the "Login" function. If you do not know your log in, It will be the email address you supplied with your membership. If you do not know your password, you can select the "Forgot Password" function. An email will be sent with a link to reset your password. 



Navigating the Client Portal

Please note if you have Family Links you can view and edit as each individual family member. Ensure you are operating as the correct member before viewing and making changes. Example below shows the member editing as "Client Name". By clicking on "Client Name" that member could change to one of the other family members attached to their profile. 


 To view upcoming scheduled payments, select the "Account" tab, and then the "Payments" tab. This will display all payments scheduled for the next 4 weeks in advance. This will include any rejected payments that are still owing. 

To restart your membership

Current members can restart their membership by following the instructions here Restart Your Membership(PDF, 731KB)

To make a Payment

To make a payment on a previous rejected payment, or to make a payment on a future scheduled payment early, members can tick the box to the left of the payment they wish to make and click the "Pay" button. 



To update your Payment Settings

Click on the "Account" tab, then the "Payment Settings" tab. This will display all current payment methods you have saved on your profile. You can add new payment methods at any time. Adding a new payment method will assign it to your current contracts, if you wish a different method attached to your contract, please call or email Bluewater to assign the correct Payment Method to the correct Contract for you. 


Booking Classes

 Select the "Book" tab from the main menu. 

This will display all classes Bluewater has available, including their times and availability/capacity. You can view in either "Calendar" or "List", however we find the "Calendar" view the most user friendly. See below for the Calendar view explained. 



To view your current bookings you can click the "My Bookings" tab. From here you can also cancel any bookings you can no longer attend. 


If you encounter any issues with your access to the Client Portal, please contact Bluewater on (03) 5232 9551 or


New to Bluewater - Visitors, Casuals and Guests

Even if you do not currently have a membership, you can still set up and use your Client Portal account as a guest. This means you can purchase passes and book into group fitness classes. Please note to book a class you will need a product that allows you to do so, you can purchase a casual entry pass through the system.  

Click "Join Now!" and enter your details to begin accessing the system. You can purchase products and make bookings as a guest. 




COVID-19 Session Time Bookings

At times, the Victorian State Government sets restrictions on density limits in Leisure Facilities. To ensure criteria Bluewater adhere to these restrictions, session times and a booking system will operate. For more information on the current restrictions, please check here

Please note, that during these restrictions access to the centre is extremely limited. Please make sure you are aware of the following restrictions before making your booking:

  • We cannot take walk-ins.
  • You must book online in the Client Portal, or over the phone by calling the centre.
  • You must not enter the centre before the start of your session. 
  • You must leave the facility before, or immediately on the completion of your session time. 


Booking Through the Client Portal

You will need to log in to your profile,
(If you are unsure, please see the relevant Sub heading above for more in depth instructions).

Select the "Shop" tab to view all products for purchase. In the Search Bar, type "Session" to bring up just the current Session Tickets. 


Select the relevant Session Ticket, note that all current members qualify for a concession price. 
You will be able to process your payment online. 

Once your payment and purchase of your Session Ticket has been completed, you can then move to the booking screen. Session Tickets, once purchased, will sit on your account. 

To Book your session time, select the "Book" tab to open the booking screen, as shown below:



You can select from "Gym Sessions" or "Pool Sessions", depending on which area you want to access. 

Your bookings will show under the "My Bookings" tab. From here you can cancel any bookings that you can no longer attend.

Booking over the Phone

For patrons who are unable to access our online Client Portal, you can contact the centre via phone on 5232 9551 to make a booking.