24/7 Gym access

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Bluewater's Gym has the option for members to add 24/7 access to their membership, for free!

In order to gain 24/7 access, members over the age of 18 who hold a Platinum or Gold membership, have a photo attached to their profile, and complete the 24/7 Safety Induction Video, which can be found here, can apply to have 24/7 access added to their profile. 

 The Safety Induction video covers important information on how to access and exit the centre safely, what to do in a power outage, and the types of support open to members when the centre is not staffed. It also goes over the restrictions of the access, such as not allowing tail-gators in behind you, and penalties associated with those. 


For more information, contact the Bluewater team on phone (03) 5232 9551, or email bluewater@colacotway.vic.gov.au