Memberships and pricing

Bluewater Leisure Centre offers a variety of payment options for all members and casual users.

Speak to our friendly Customer Service Team today to find a payment method that suits you! 

Got questions? See our (PDF, 93KB)Frequently-Asked-Questions-Fees-and-Charges-Bluewater-Leisure-Centre-2023-2024(PDF, 105KB)

Adopted Bluewater Fees and Charges starting August 1st 2023: ADOPTED-Fees-and-Charges-Bluewater-2023-24(PDF, 370KB).



Here at Bluewater we have something for everyone, and that means multiple ways to find a membership that suits you. 

Membership options

We offer 3 different membership options: Platinum, Gold and Aqua.


Payment options & Fees and Charges

Choose your membership based on member type and what access you wish to have.
For your membership you can choose to pay annually of a fortnightly Direct Debit. 

Direct Debit

Direct Debit memberships are perfect for regular facility users. Payments are ongoing fortnightly deductions, cancel anytime!
Payments for Direct Debits are taken on Thursdays every fortnight. 
Membership prices are calculated based on a pro-rata depending on your time of sign-up.
Direct debit memberships also include a $0.55 transaction fee or a 2.20% transaction fee for Visa/Mastercard for every direct debit.

Cancelling your membership is possible anytime!

Member ship joining fee

Every membership is subject to a sign-up membership fee of $55.00.
This fee is added to the first payment.
We have corporate membership available that are excluded from our joining fee, please contact us for more information.


Platinum Memberships

Direct Debit
Paid In Full
Family $60.00 $1556.00
Adult $39.90 $1037.00
Concession $32.00 $830.00
Youth* $29.10 -
Off-Peak* $29.90 -

*Youth and Off-Peak Memberships have limited hours, please check Terms and Conditions to see if these memberships suit you.

Gold memberships

Direct Debit
Paid In Full
Family $56.20 $1461.00
Adult $35.55 $924.30
Concession $28.50 $740.00

Aqua memberships

  Direct Debit
Paid In Full
Family $39.80 $1034.80
Adult $26.50 $689.00
Concession $21.20 $551.20

*Youth and Off-Peak Memberships have limited hours, please check Terms and Conditions to see if these memberships suit you.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a membership, you can:

  • visit the centre
  • call us on 5232 9551
  • sign up via the Client Portal

Casual Entry

Casual Entry Prices are available for our pool, gymnasium, group fitness classes and stadium.

  Family Adult Concession Child
Swim Entry $24.00 $8.00 $6.40 $5.70
Swim, Steam and Spa - $13.80 $11.10 -
Gymnasium Entry Family Adult Concession Child
Gym Entry - $18.00 $14.40 -
Group Fitness Class - $16.60 $13.30 -
Active Aging (Over 50's) - - $8.30 -
Stadium Entry - $7.40 $5.90 $5.70
Childcare Member 1st child (per hr)         $7.80
Childcare Member Additional Child (per hr)         $7.40
Childcare Non-member 1st child (per hr)       $14.80
Childcare Non-member Additional Child (per hr)        $14.00


Multipasses are perfect for people unsure of how often they will use the facility and at a discounted rate from casual entry prices.



Swim Adult


Swim Concession


Gym - Adult


Gym - Concession


Group Fitness - Adult


 Group Fitness - Concession


Childcare Member (visit per hour)


Childcare Non Member (visit per hour)







Concession cards we accept are:

  • Centrelink pension card (blue)
  • Health Care Card
  • Department of Veteran's Affairs Pension
  • Seniors Card
  • Student Card (Secondary & Tertiary)Carer and Companion Cards*


Carer's assisting clients with additional needs may access the facility free of charge on presenting a Carer or Companion Card and are entitled to concession rates outside of a schedule client visit.


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