Opening Hours & Bookings

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Pool & Spa
Bookings for pool use are no longer required.

With social distancing guidelines in place access to the spa & sauna will also resume from Monday November 23 – this will allow 2 patrons to access the spa at one time and 1 person to access the sauna at one time.
We ask members to be courteous while other members are waiting and to only use the spa for a maximum of 2 cycles.

Due to current guidelines and restrictions in line with user groups – there will be times throughout the week where the pool is unavailable for public use.

These times will slightly vary week to week. This information will be communicated on the Friday before via our Facebook Page, Website, availability board in the foyer, there will also be a hand out available at our Customer Service Desk for easy access.

If patrons are travelling a distance or want to confirm pool availability before attending you can give our Customer Service Team a call on 52329551 before attending the centre. 

Gym & Group Fitness

Following clarification regarding restrictions within the gym space, we can now move to 4 square meters per patron. As our gym space is such a large area this means that beginning immediately bookings for a gym session are no longer necessary.
This means you can come and enjoy our gym space at any time within our opening hours.

Group Fitness Classes

Online bookings can be made by visiting: 

This will allow our members and casual users to book their own Gym and Group Fitness sessions online. Bookings can also be made by phoning our Customer Service Team on 52329551.

Bookings can be made exactly 1 week + 1 day in advance to the proposed session time (183 hours in advance)

 24/7 Access

With the further easing of restrictions we are anticipating the re-launch of our 24/7 gym from close of business on 9/12/2020
To gain 24/7 access you will need to visit our Customer Service Team.
With the movement to our new online portal, eligible existing members need a 24/7 contract added to their profile in order to gain afterhours access. In line with this, there will also need to be a photo attached to your profile and membership tags will need to be checked/added.
New members will need to watch a short safety induction video – this can be found on our website or via the link below. for our Group fitness classes are essential.

Group Fitness Timetable 


 Pool Availability Times