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Movement in water is a fantastic form of exercise and Bluewater’s aquatic group fitness program has classes to suit all fitness levels. The buoyancy offered by water supports the body, enabling movement which might be limited or compromised during land-based activities. Some of the main benefits include:

Reduced impact on muscles and joints – aqua exercise greatly reduces the effects of gravity, taking away the stress on muscles, ligaments, joints etc.

Greater freedom of movement – water can support more fluid movement which allows a greater range of movement to be achieved which will help enhance flexibility.

Resistance training – the force of drag from water acts as a weight against which the body must move, with resistance proportional to the speed of movement or effort.

Cardiovascular fitness – unique hydrostatic properties of water means the heart works more efficiently, while the nature of the exercise enables a person to work for longer with their heart rate elevated. 

Bluewater aquatic group fitness programs generally run for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please be there at least 5 minutes prior to the start time and don't forget your water bottle as you need to keep hydrated when exercising.  Please note that participants will be granted access to the class no later than 5 minutes after the class scheduled starting time.

Programs at Bluewater

Aqua Logix

Aquatic training for the stronger members of the market. Omni-directional bells and blades provide fluid resistance no matter which way you move. Popular with those looking to fire up their nervous system without getting injured.

Aqua Moves

A high-energy class designed to offer a variety of cardiovascular and muscular endurance moves set to motivating music. Designed to maintain heart health, dynamic stability and general agility.

Aqua Balance

This aquatic rehabilitation program promotes joint mobility, improves muscular imbalances and aids general relaxation. Great for anyone carrying an injury or physical limitations.

Aqua Tai Chi

A healing flow of continuous movements designed to balance any imbalances, eliminate any blockages and induce a meditative state where one can nurture one's awareness of the body and the self.

Aqua Play Group

Combines water familiarisation with social interaction at a compatible venue and time. Parents are in the water with their babies (aged 3-6 months), while a qualified AUSTSWIM teacher guides the group through holds, floating, pre-conditioning, submersion and water safety. Click here to visit the Aqua Play Group page.

Junior Squad

Similar to ‘SwimFIT’ however the junior squads cater to children under 12 years of age. This squad is a non-competitive environment, promotes swimming technique and fitness.

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