Aqua Play Group


Aqua Play Group is water familiarisation for babies aged between 3 and 6 months. Parents are in the water supporting their child, while a qualified AUSTSWIM teacher guides the group through relaxed, fun-filled activities. Sessions are held weekly and involve a 30 minute routine consisting of holds, floating, pre-conditioning, submersion and water safety. There is no cost or booking requirement attached to the program. Participants simply pay their pool entry ($5.30 for a parent and baby) on admission.

Session Time: Tuesday 11.45am - 12.15pm

Program runs during school term only.

Term 3 2017 dates: 17th July - 22nd September

Term 4 2017 dates: 9th October - 22nd December

See below links for more information on our Aqua Play Group.

Aqua Play Group Flyer - Flyer-Aqua-Play-Group-Bluewater-2017-WEB.pdf  

Aqua Play Group Fact Sheet - Fact-Sheet-Aqua-Play-Group-Bluewater-2017-WEB-[D1760811].pdf